orbital lunar imaging


Imagine a cis-lunar eco-system 

involving international cooperation and collaboration,

focusing on sustainability and integrity,

and ensuring responsible exploration and utilization of the Moon and its resources for generations to come. 


To provide on-demand high-quality imagery of sites from low lunar orbit,


to reduce landing risks and improve situational awareness.

It's time to open the Moon for business!


To be announced soon...




A multidisciplinary manager with 10 years of experience in business and operations

B.Sc in Physics
M.Sc in Electronics Engineering
MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management (USA)

International Space University Space Studies Program alumnus, Science department, Fast transit to Mars team project, acedemic rank #8 of 127

Total aggregate deal value negotiated and closed above 300mEUR, spanning sales, acquisitions (M&A) and purchasing, plus 150mEUR managed in construction and operations

Commercial instrument-rated multi-engine pilot with 450 hours / App and website programmer / Fluent in 5 European languages

Yoav Landsman

Co-founder & CEO

A visionary entrepreneur with two decades of experience in the Israeli space industry.


B.Sc. in Aerospace engineering

M.Sc. in Planetary sciences


International Space University Space Studies Program alumnus, Business and Management department, Industrial team project


Expert in systems engineering and operations

Former senior systems engineer at SpaceIL and deputy mission director of the Beresheet lunar lander

2020 Karman Fellow, selected for outstanding achievements in space, and considered a leader who is shaping the future of space.

Julien Villa-Massone

Co-founder & Chief Sales Officer


Moon, Earth, and Earthrise photos courtesy of NASA

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